SuccessFuel Saves 25% Per Month with New Communications Platform

When SuccessFuel, a business insights and demand generation company, found themselves nearing the contractual end with their existing provider, they knew it was the time to consider digital transformation and explore UCaaS platforms.

With 15+ locations that required networking and phones, SuccessFuel had ongoing challenges with their technology. 

As Erik DeLapp, IT Engineer/Manager at SuccessFuel explained, “We were using our provider for managed services, server hosting network and phones. We had a legacy system and the newer options that they were starting to offer were much more expensive. We wanted to try to reduce costs, especially as we’d gone from 15 remote sites down to zero. We needed to upgrade our technology and wanted to explore our options.”

With a large contact center that required a Click-To-Call application embedded in their homegrown application, SuccessFuel needed to make a move to improve efficiency and save money — and do it as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

SuccessFuel Strives to Increase Efficiency While Decreasing Costs

The SuccessFuel team started looking at potential options. After exploring a wide field of UCaaS platforms from multiple vendors, PanTerra Networks emerged as the solution of choice.

PanTerra was selected based on its understanding of SuccessFuel’s complex and ever-evolving needs. When exploring different options for providers, one thing that stood out about PanTerra was that they were the only ones not to have a third-party provider. Plus, they were able to offer call recordings along with a robust API. 

During the selection process, PanTerra brought in Bridgepointe to assist with aspects of the project that were beyond the scope of their products and services. 

Knowing that we had alternatives while we were still working in the background with our existing provider made us feel a lot more comfortable. Working with PanTerra and Bridgepointe, we had what we needed to reduce costs and support our digital transformation. When PanTerra introduced Bridgepointe, we saw having that additional layer of support as a major plus.

PanTerra Eliminates Delays, Builds Custom Solutions

As soon as the team started working with PanTerra, they immediately noticed the delays they’d been experiencing were eliminated.  

With their previous provider, the SuccessFuel outbound team had to manually dial customers from their database and therefore they were looking to build a dialer. PanTerra was able to execute on this by developing and implementing a true Click-to-Call dialer application, allowing users to choose 100s of phone numbers to call one after the other — greatly improving efficiency. 

PanTerra Streams is end-to-end cloud communication, collaborations and file sharing suite that increases performance.

We chose to implement PanTerra Streams as we had control of everything and were able to accomplish much more through self-service,shared DeLapp.

UCaaS Platforms: Achieving Digital Transformation Through Cost Reduction 

One of the biggest differences SuccessFuel has experienced since working with PanTerra and Bridgepointe is a dramatic decrease in the frequency they need to speak to their provider, despite all the different moving pieces in play. With their simple yet effective solutions, both PanTerra and Bridgepointe have shown they are willing to help every step of the way — even when it’s not a problem specific to them.

“Thanks to the reduction in costs, we’ve been able to work towards completing a full digital transformation,” explained DeLapp. “We’ve knocked several tens, if not hundreds of thousands per year with what we were paying with our previous provider. Monthly invoices have decreased by a minimum of 25% thanks to PanTerra and Bridgepointe.”

By selecting PanTerra and working with Bridgepointe, SuccessFuel has been able to minimize its network footprint and hosting servers.

As DeLapp shared, Through this process with Bridgepointe, we had an opportunity to consolidate all of our IT. We’ve saved money everywhere from AWS to phones, resulting in greater flexibility and agility. We are constantly evolving, and now can make changes without relying on one of our providers. We have control over everything, and when we do need support, we know both Bridgepointe and PanTerra will respond quickly.

Kat Smith


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