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Coresite Maile Kaiser on the Bridge Podcast with Scott KinkaHi, and welcome to The Bridge. I’m Scott Kinka. My guest on this episode is Maile Kaiser. She’s the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CoreSite. She’s been there for about 11 years. In her past, she was at Oracle and IO Data Centers, which eventually became Iron Mountain. Personally, three kids, two dogs, loves to travel.

But in terms of CoreSite, very domestic data center provider owned by American Tower, who is one of the largest global REITs. CoreSite’s data centers are in 10 major markets in the US or what they consider interconnection-rich, data center campuses.

Let me read that back to you. Interconnection-rich, Data Center campuses. Their focus is on building communities of companies that together interoperate their workloads. Kind of a right tool for the right job approach. Storage here. Back office in the Colos, scale computing and app front ends in the public cloud, you know, applications for CRM and collaboration connect out to them.

CoreSite wants to be in the middle of all that, you know, effectively functioning as the new headquarters for the business. Now of course that we’ve seen the importance of the actual headquarters, wane post pandemic. From there, obviously in their data centers, they’re expecting their customers to connect out in logical, in some case, private connections to the various apps and providers in the community.

It’s not all that unlike some of the other stories we’ve heard from data center providers, at the end of the day. We know data centers are real estate at the core. But I really enjoyed CoreSite’s story around this interconnection-rich campus and community. Also interesting, is how they think about what they’re calling the repatriation of data into the colo from public hyperscalers.

Customers have learned that limitless scale is valuable but not necessary and certainly more expensive in most cases than static workloads. This really comes down to a simple question. In particular, the data center space, but I think across many of the sessions we’ve had lately: compete or coexist. I think our post pandemic IT strategy has really changed how service providers of all kinds think about that question. “Coexist” is the principal theme behind CoreSite’s approach their open and cloud exchange, which is a logical network connection platform for customers in their data centers. I won’t steal her thunder. She tells the story much better than I could possibly tell it. You’ll need to listen in to learn a little bit more.

This is my conversation with Maile Kaiser, the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CoreSite.


The Bridge Podcast Maile Kaiser of Coresite HeadshotMaile Kaiser is CoreSite’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. She is responsible for overseeing revenue growth through CoreSite’s national sales organization, and provides oversight to marketing, business development and sales operations. Maile joined CoreSite in 2012 and was previously Senior Vice President of Sales. Maile brings over 25 years of direct sales and management experience in the data center, network communications, software and managed services industries driving growth and innovation for large enterprises. Prior to joining CoreSite, Maile was responsible for wholesale and large enterprise sales at IO Datacenters (now Iron Mountain) and ran the Southwest region for Abovenet Communications (now Zayo). Maile started her career with Oracle Corporation. Maile received a BA in English Literature from the University of California, at Berkeley. Maile also serves on the board of the Advanced Imaging Society and is the Chairman of the Awareness and Communications Committee for the iMasons.






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