Author: Scott Kinka

This is a SPECIAL EDITION of the Bridge Podcast with Scott Kinka. Over the last 6 months and 14 episodes, Scott has gotten the opportunity to ask some of the best minds in technology a plethora of questions, including “what is your favorite app” and “tell us where you were and what you were doing when the pandemic started”. In addition, he’s gotten favorite actors, favorite sports teams and shameless predictions from all of these interviews.

Well, on this episode, we get to ask the same questions of Scott. We learn a little about his past, his previous IT roles and maybe even a nugget or two about being in the popular cover band, Split Decision.

Producer Gene Volpe gets the opportunity to ask Scott all of the tough questions and have Scott dig back on his favorite moments from our episodes so far.

This one was an ode to 2022 while looking forward to 2023. We hope that you enjoy this interesting look into the Chief Strategy Officer of Bridgepointe Technologies and tech evangelist, Scott Kinka.