How AmeriGas Saved $1.77 Million with Bridgepointe’s TEM Services

Author: Chris Cannon

When Brian Yost, Sr. Manager of Network Design and Management, joined AmeriGas 13 years ago, he managed a network that spanned 800 locations with multiple telecom providers. The company’s network needed to be modernized, and he was asked to reduce the budget by two million dollars using TEM services. 

Brian needed additional resources to focus on managing vendors and cost optimization. A big focus was on finding a partner who could look at their services and spend strategically to identify where they could save.  

Having worked with the Cannon Group (now Bridgepointe’s Lifecycle Management Team) at a previous company, Brian knew they were the ideal fit for this project. 

Optimizing Telecom Services and Spend for Cost Reduction 

Initially, the Lifecycle Management team was brought in to identify cost savings opportunities via TEM services, and they quickly proved their value to the AmeriGas team.  

The initial project was expanded beyond TEM to include mobility management, strategic sourcing, and order management.  
For the TEM portion of the engagement, Bridgepointe currently manages between 180 and 200 unique vendors at any given time, with over 1500 invoices monthly. For Mobility Management, the company has over 9,000 devices in the field, which they couldn’t manage internally.  

Plus, the Bridgepointe team has worked closely with Brian to manage sourcing, including RFPs and negotiations.  

In early 2022, AmeriGas had a bill from one provider jump by $1.77 million in two months. The error, which resulted from removing waivers, was identified by the Bridgepointe TEM services team, who dealt directly with the vendor. From there, the team spent months ensuring the overcharge was credited to AmeriGas’ account.  

How AmeriGas Saved $1.77 Million with Bridgepointe’s TEM Services

Bridgepointe Identifies and Corrects a $1.77 Million Mistake 

While AmeriGas has relied on Bridgepointe for over a decade, the 2022 billing incident was a shining example of how the team has consistently delivered value.  

The time and expertise of the Bridgepointe team to identify the error and remedy the situation were immense. The result was a $1.77 million credit, which may not have been identified or recouped had it not been for the Bridgepointe team.  

TEM Services: Maximize the Full Value of Your Tech Investments  

Bridgepointe’s Lifecycle Management, which includes TEM services, helps you drive greater efficiency while proactively managing your technology costs.  

We’ve completed thousands of client projects resulting in millions of dollars in savings for clients, and we can help you do the same.  

Contact our Lifecycle Management team for more on TEM services and cost containment.  



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