Bridgepointe Increases Pace of Deployment While Saving Time and Money for the MuleSoft Team

When the Bridgepointe team met Mike Hamilton, Head of Information Technology at MuleSoft (now part of Salesforce), he was working on building the company’s global IT infrastructure, including deploying mission-critical telecoms in offices around the world. Tech strategy including IT planning and procurement was a top priority.

Mike had years of experience in IT and while he was extremely well versed in telecom technology, he kept running into the same issue — not having enough employee time and resources to devote to the telecom needs of the business. However, Mike also didn’t have an interest in outsourcing, so when he was introduced to someone at Bridgepointe, he was uncertain about how we could actually help

As Mike explains, “I decided to sit down and talk to them to see what they might be able to do. I was skeptical going into our meeting, but they quickly showed me the value they could deliver. They listened carefully to our specific needs, and I saw how they could take over aspects of our IT.”

Handling the Details So You Don’t Have To

MuleSoft’s initial engagement with the BPT team was a new Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking deployment. From the outset we oversaw every detail of the project, including handling issues related to the move, disconnect, and number portability.

While Mike had initially been skeptical about working with us, he quickly began to see what we were capable of bringing to the table in terms of determining solutions and sourcing suppliers.

“I was immediately impressed by the level of detail the Bridgepointe team came back with. They mapped out all of the options, and had information that I wasn’t able to get access to. Everything required to make a decision, including pricing for each choice, was done for us. They went above and beyond. We didn’t have to deal with the providers, and any issues that popped up were handled and resolved by Bridgepointe.” 

Tech Strategy: A Trusted Partner Making an Impact on the Bottom Line

It was that initial project that served as the start of an ongoing partnership where we were able to begin working as an extension of Mike’s team. As the company was in a period of rapid growth and opening up new offices, MuleSoft needed a trusted partner that was able to handle IT strategy on an ongoing basis and oversee the telecom needs for new locations.

Five years later, and over 10 projects completed, we’ve helped save significant time and money for MuleSoft while providing the IT team with additional expertise and an increased pace of deployment.

“My strategic value to the business isn’t that I can deal with IT, so taking that off both me and the rest of my team has been a major win. I tell them my needs and then let them go take care of the details. It’s like having someone on my team, but I don’t have to pay for that headcount. We’ve been able to weather anything and everything because, thanks to Bridgepointe, we have the right architecture, design and solutions. Their goal is always to get us the right solution at the best price and they’ve consistently delivered.”

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