Author: Cheryl Coppens

CX strategy consulting is more essential than ever to increase efficiency, stay competitive and weather current economic conditions. In a landscape that’s rapidly evolving, strategy is critical to ensuring the success of CX initiatives and demonstrating measurable ROI.

For years, organizations have struggled with the ROI of their CX projects due to a lack of strategy and experience, which comes at the cost of their reputation and revenue.

Often, this is the result of thinking that Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) providers will identify, plan and resolve challenges that arise.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as strategy should drive technology decisions, and not the other way around.

This is where CX strategy consulting comes in. It enables you to create a comprehensive plan for how you interact with customers to deliver a seamless, satisfying experience across every touchpoint on their journey. CX strategy consultants bring years of insight and expertise to your CX program, with a focus on the people, processes and technology required to deliver sustainable results for your company.

Here are four specific challenges that result from focusing only on technology, and skipping the critical foundation of defining your CX strategy.

Challenge #1

Limited Understanding of the Cloud Environment

Many times, clients operating in a premise-based environment don’t have in-depth knowledge of how a cloud-based environment will impact their CX performance. This can result in misaligned expectations about what to realistically expect from CCaaS providers.

Additionally, companies often don’t leverage CCaaS to its full potential. They implement the solution to replace on-premise ones, but miss opportunities that come from the move to the cloud and access to new features.

Every CX project needs to begin with the end in mind so everyone understands what you’re trying to accomplish. From there, you can successfully match the features of the system to maximize your CCaaS investment.

Challenge #2

Lift and Shift Doesn’t Work

CCaaS providers offer new and exciting features to improve customer outcomes but it’s the customer’s responsibility to determine how to use them.

Too often, CX leaders look to simply port existing queues, routing, processes and capabilities from their existing or legacy platform (sometimes decades old) to a new cloud-based alternative. No two platforms work exactly alike, and despite everyone’s best intentions, these projects not only fall short of the hope of new enhancements, but often don’t even match the performance and agent satisfaction of the older system.

While they may offer cutting-edge tech solutions, CCaaS vendors can’t be expected to deliver CX improvement or innovative, strategic initiatives to meet your goals.

successful, confident business co-workers sit in office and have brainstorming time, thinking about development of their company, how to solve problems connected with finance

Challenge #3

CX Strategy Isn’t Replaced by CCaaS

CCaaS platforms and technology are rarely the issues when CX programs fail. More often than not, the real problem lies in the failure to take a strategic approach.

It’s not uncommon for companies to be disappointed with CSAT, SLAs, cost, and operational efficiency after implementing a new solution. This is not a shortcoming of CX providers, as no solution can solve any underlying inefficiencies or the lack of a CX strategy.

Also, the lack of regard for future needs also creates a gap in many CX strategies reliant on only tech solutions. CX strategy consulting focuses on future growth, not just current operating needs.

Challenge #4

The Operating Environment Isn’t Ready

The reality is that CCaaS providers won’t spend time with your company providing consulting on change management, training, internal management, or administration. A CX strategy addresses all of these aspects so your CX initiatives are aligned with day-to-day operational needs, and overall business goals.

Relying on technology providers to help you roll out your strategy often results in an environment where you’re struggling to fill in the gaps in the plan, and are unprepared for problems as they arise.

CX Strategy Consulting Helps You Avoid Common CX Pitfalls

With a clear CX strategy in place, you’ll be well-equipped to avoid common CX pitfalls and respond to emerging challenges.

Your CX strategy should provide a complete assessment of your company’s CX tech stack as well as diving into your company’s people and processes.

This may include:

  • Selection Assessment: Identify current and future-state needs in order to select a CCaaS platform that best suits your company’s needs.
  • Readiness Assessment: When your company has already implemented a CCaaS platform that needs to be optimized for current and future needs.
  • Replacement Assessment: If you’ve implemented a CCaaS platform but are experiencing problems that require a replacement.

Ultimately, your CX strategy should address pain point transformation, as well as a deployment roadmap, and change management recommendations.

CX Strategy Consulting: Create Greater ROI from Your Customer Experience Initiatives

With rapidly evolving customer expectations and an uncertain economic climate, your CX team is under increased pressure to deliver business results.

CX strategy consulting helps you stay competitive and ensure your programs deliver results by focusing not just on the technology, but the people and processes.

The right CX strategy gives you the tools required to choose the technology you need, adapt your pre-existing technology, or replace dated or deficient technology.

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