Bridging the Gap Between Your Tech Investments and Business Goals

Everything has changed in the last two years, and as a tech leader, you’re under increased pressure not just to plan and purchase tech solutions but to meet specific business goals. As strategic tech advisors, we help you be a hero in the boardroom by driving value quickly from your tech investments so you can deliver on expected business outcomes.

A Proven Process For Driving Value From Your Tech Investments

With 20 years of experience as tech advisors to the world’s biggest brands, we’ve created a proven process for evaluating, implementing, and managing technology providers with a focus on realizing sustainable results for business growth. The Time to Value Model is how we make that happen.

Get to know your business

We start with a strategic review of your operations, contract requirements, and overall business goals.

Understand your desired outcomes

Together we’ll determine project-specific goals and what success looks like to you.

Create a blueprint for success

Next, we will engage industry experts to run discovery of your specific requirements, to best scope a strategic solution to meet your present and future state goals.

Engage relevant suppliers

Based on your needs, we identify and architect the best solution based on our relationships with 150+ suppliers.

Guide you through results

Based on your short list of suppliers help you make a fully informed decision.

Assist in supplier selection

You’ll contract with suppliers directly, but we’ll be there to support through every step of the process.

Finally, we support you and your project to completion, complementing the supplier relationship to ensure success.

Areas of Technology Specialization

Customer Experience

CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) offers a single platform for omni-channel communication, helping you deliver better and more consistent customer service across all channels while increasing ROI with every customer interaction.

Communications and Collaboration

Your employees need to effortlessly and instantly share communications across multiple channels from anywhere. UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) drives time to value with powerful, cost-effective solutions for your rapidly changing business.

Data Center and Hybrid Cloud

Planning, selecting and orchestrating a digital strategy for your applications is a massive undertaking, whether it’s a colocation, cloud or hybrid strategy, we can help you ensure a smooth transition of your digital assets to a more intelligent and agile digital infrastructure, giving you the competitive edge, your business needs.

Managed IT and Desktop

In a hybrid world, the needs, policies, and delivery of IT solutions are changing. From modernizing legacy systems to moving to the cloud, your team is stretched thin. Managed IT and Desktop help to reduce cost and create efficiencies.

Network Transformation

Work from home and the Cloud have changed the way we think about business networks. Gone are the days of traditional Internet and WAN. Enter next generation networking. Leverage our expertise to demystify your options and modernize your Network.


Today’s cybersecurity landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace and choosing a security provider requires in-depth knowledge and research. Our security specialists help you simplify your security strategy and determine the best solutions.

Turn your tech investment into sustainable, measurable results for business growth.

Trust Bridgepointe for the strategy and solutions to make it happen.
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MuleSoft Saves Time, Money and Complexity with Bridgepointe as a Trusted IT Strategy Partner

“Working with Bridgepointe has freed up so much valuable time. My strategic value to the business isn’t that I can deal with IT, so taking that off both me and the rest of my team has been a major win. I’ve always been impressed with how quickly they get us the information we need. They’re able to get things done in days, when it would take our team weeks or even months.”
– Mike Hamilton –
Head of Information Technology, MuleSof

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