Author: John Marinucci

As cloud adoption increases and cyber criminals become more sophisticated, most companies require secure networking solutions to address their SD-WAN security.  

With software-defined networking (SDN) principles at its core, SD-WAN promises enhanced efficiency, superior performance, and unmatched agility in network connectivity, particularly for organizations with remote offices sprawled across diverse geographical locations. 

Yet, amidst the promise of improved user experiences, cost savings, and seamless cloud application performance, there’s a critical concern about security. 

To help you make the best decision when choosing a provider for your SD-WAN security, we asked Bridgepointe partner Momentum what to consider before you buy.  

Why SD-WAN Security Matters 

SD-WAN technology enables centralized management and control of a wide area network (WAN), leveraging the principles of software-defined networking (SDN). It’s designed to improve network connectivity efficiency, performance, and agility for companies with remote locations and branch offices across various locations.  

Organizations can prioritize and route according to network conditions and application requirements using a centralized controller to monitor and manage network traffic. 

The result is improved user experience and better overall application performance, especially for cloud-based applications. Thanks to the multiple transport methods, businesses can effectively reduce connectivity expenses. 

With such an extensive network with numerous entry points, it’s easy to see why security is a critical concern for SD-WAN for several reasons, including data protection, threat detection, redundancy, traffic inspection, compliance, access control and branch office vulnerabilities.   

Before You Buy: Key SD-WAN Security Considerations 

To protect your network and connected devices, here’s what to consider when exploring any SD-WAN solution to ensure your security needs are met.  

#1. Strong Authentication and Encryption 

When assessing potential solutions, examine how each solution deals with authentication and encryption. Strong passwords and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to ensure only authorized users gain access are the backbone of your SD-WAN infrastructure.  
End-to-end encryption also protects data within the network, while role-based access controls limit users to only what they require to do their jobs. 

#2. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) 

Next, look at how the solution handles consistent security across all endpoints.  
SASE has emerged as a way to provide secure access to any public cloud applications your company relies on. It enhances security on multiple levels while improving network performance and simplifying management. 
SASE gives you a cloud-based model to deliver security services, so your SD-WAN is secure and much easier to manage security across the entire network.  

#3. Zero-Trust Security Model 

Finally, effective SD-WAN security relies on zero-trust security. With hybrid work, you can no longer guarantee where your employees access your network, leaving you vulnerable to attack.  
The idea behind zero-trust security is that no device or network request can be trusted. Access is granted after verifying the user’s identity, device, or application requesting access and ascertaining they’re authorized to access the resource  
Typically,  zero-trust tools require users to provide multiple forms of identification. This can include a password, fingerprint, or one-time code sent to a mobile device. This helps limit the impact of a security breach by restricting access to sensitive resources 

Ensure Security of Your Network with Bridgepointe’s SD-WAN Experts  

Security is integral to SD-WAN because it addresses the unique challenges of securely connecting distributed networks, remote branches, and cloud resources.  

Implementing robust security measures within an SD-WAN deployment is essential to protect data, maintain compliance, and safeguard the overall network infrastructure from evolving threats. 

Bridgepointe’s networking and security specialists have worked with 100s of organizations to determine the best possible approach to network security. Get in touch with a specialist today to discuss your needs.