Bridgepointe Technologies Adds Scott Coleman as a Partner

Author: Brian Miller

Experienced IT services professional goes from starting his company to Partner in two years  

Bridgepointe Technologies (“Bridgepointe” or the “Company”), a tech advisory firm that helps mid-market and enterprise companies bridge the gap between tech investments and business results, today announced that Scott Coleman has been named as a Partner.

Coleman is one of Bridgepointe’s most successful Strategists and has grown his agency quickly since joining in January 2021. With a nearly 25-year track record in the IT services industry, he will use the equity investment to support his rapidly growing client base and support customers in the execution of their IT and business goals.

“Scott has quickly proven himself as top Strategist, going from engaging with Bridgepointe to becoming a Partner in record time,” shared Brian Miller, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder, Bridgepointe Technologies. “His commitment and drive exemplify not just what we look for in a Strategist, but how we’re providing enterprise sales professionals with an opportunity to build their own businesses with world-class support.”

Coleman started his firm, Cloud Review, after receiving a start-up investment from Bridgepointe. These investments are designed to offer enterprise sales professionals a smooth and supportive transition into becoming an independent IT Strategist. Before joining Bridgepointe as a Strategist, Coleman held roles at leading tech companies such as AT&T, INAP, Level 3, Nextel Communications and Sungard Availability Services.

“When I joined Bridgepointe, I had high expectations, and they’ve exceeded them every step of the way,” explained Scott Coleman, Partner, Bridgepointe Technologies. “While building my own business, I have never been alone on that journey. The Company has provided critical expertise and resources so I can ensure my clients have the tools they need to succeed with their IT decisions. As a Partner, I look forward to playing a role in the future of Bridgepointe.”

Since early 2022, Bridgepointe has named its most successful strategists as Partners in the firm. In the coming year, the Company will continue aggressively seeking potential Strategists to join an unparalleled team of client-focused IT Strategists under the Bridgepointe umbrella. 

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Bridgepointe Technologies is a leading tech advisory firm that helps mid-market and enterprise companies bridge the gap between tech investments and business results. Over the past 20 years, Bridgepointe has worked with over 12,000 companies to save time by shortening the procurement process while saving money and increasing ROI. Supported by in-house, best-in-class Solution Architects and IT Strategists, the firm has developed a proven process to quickly drive time to value with tech investments. For more information about Bridgepointe please visit



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