Bridgepointe Technologies Names Patrick Keane as Partner

Author: Brian Miller

Founder of Simplified Communications receives an equity investment in his firm

Bridgepointe Technologies (“Bridgepointe” or the “Company”), a tech advisory firm that helps mid-market and enterprise companies bridge the gap between tech investments and business results, today announced that the founder of the Simplified Communications, Patrick Keane, has joined the Company as a Partner

Keane founded his agency ten years ago and has built a reputation for excellence and an unwavering commitment to client success. The equity investment will expand the firm’s reach to new clients and provide existing clients with even more world-class solutions.  
Patrick’s proven track record and deep expertise made him a natural fit with Bridgepointe,” Brian Miller, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder, Bridgepointe Technologies. We’re happy to have Patrick join us as a Partner to help build the future Bridgepointe. He joins some of the country’s highest performing Strategists who deliver unrivaled results for their clients.”
Before starting Simplified Communications, Keane held roles at Comcast Business Masergy, and has years of experience working hands-on with network transformation, SD-WAN and UCaaS. Keane joining as a Partner continues the Company’s focus on rewarding the best and brightest in the industry and continued growth as the nation’s preeminent tech advisory firm. 

Bridgepointe isn’t only leading the marketthey’re investing heavily in their partnersThat’s what made joining the Company so appealing,” shared Patrick Keane, Partner, Bridgepointe Technologies. “We’re thrilled to be part of the Bridgepointe family and leveraging their support services including tools, training, and marketing that will help us better serve our clients.”  

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Bridgepointe Technologies is a leading tech advisory firm that helps mid-market and enterprise companies bridge the gap between tech investments and business results. Over the past 20 years, Bridgepointe has worked with over 12,000 companies to save time by shortening the procurement process while saving money and increasing ROI. Supported by in-house, best-in-class Solution Architects and IT Strategists, the firm has developed a proven process to quickly drive time to value with tech investments. For more information about Bridgepointe please visit



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