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The Bridgepointe Management Team manages all the details for your technology investments from end-to-end

End–to-End Technology Lifecycle Management Services

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Technology Expense Management

Using industry-leading software and expertly managed processes we ensure your expenses are validated, monitored and managed to budget. The result? Streamlined operations, improved processes, reduced risk and contained costs. You’ll have a single point of contact working closely with you to track trends and open items, while making cost-reducing recommendations.

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Mobility Management

Our Mobility Management Consultants actively optimize your ever-increasing mobile expenses to uncover monthly savings. This enables you to off-load this time-consuming and frustrating service area to focus on strategic value for your business. Plus, you’ll get 24/7 end-user Mobility support through our interactive Portal and Mobility Support Center.

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Strategic Sourcing

We work with your internal procurement team to support your vendor selection and offload formal contract negotiations and renewals. With our tried-and-true sourcing process used with thousands of clients who’ve saved millions of dollars, you’ll be certain that you’ve made the right tech investment.

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Transition Management

Transitions to new technology can be stressful and full of surprises. Our Transition Management Team acts as your project manager, planning and executing seamless tech transitions and lessening the burden on your team. We have a proven track record of helping Fortune 500 companies accelerate project timelines by an average of two to four months.

The CX Engagement Lifecycle

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CX Strategy Consulting

Every successful CX project starts with a strategy. Using our decades of CX and contact center experience, we approach your project with a focus on improving your competitive advantage and prioritizing the initiatives most critical to your business. Our team of experts can support you for your complete CX project lifecycle or a specific project phase with objective strategy and change management services. Whether it’s helping you move from your legacy on-premises communications to the Cloud, or providing a plan to ensure you’re exceeding industry best practices with your CX operations, we can help

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CX Outsource Consulting

Outsourcing is an integral part of any successful CX strategy, driving cost savings, efficient scalability and ultimately, improving the customer experience. We bring proven expertise in the development and optimization of technology and personnel outsourcing strategies. Our supplier ecosystem includes certified providers that our team has rigorously vetted, and we will recommend based on your specific needs. We’ll help you expand your labor capacity through strategic outsourcing that drives results across your operations.

CX Implementation

Your organization’s ability to stay competitive in a digital world requires technology to enhance the customer journey. As you navigate digital transformation, we’ll help you design and implement industry-leading cloud tools and tech to evolve your business. From cloud implementations to custom integration and middleware development to business processing outsourcing, our experts have you covered. Our team will help you ensure you don’t just pick the right solution, but that you launch and implement it with zero disruption to your customers. Our goal is to help you drive results from your CX investments as quickly as possible.

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CX Managed Services

CX programs often struggle due to a disconnect between strategy and day-to-day operations. With Bridgepointe CX’s full-service operational support and turnkey infrastructure management, you’ll have standardized methodologies and tools to deliver as expected and adapt as business needs evolve. You can rely on the PPT team for CX platform, workforce, quality and program management. Once your CX strategy and solutions are implemented, we’ll help you with day-to-day management of telephony/CCaaS, IVR, WFO platforms and operations.

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