The pandemic forced many organizations to shift to the cloud for business-critical workloads and changed the way we think about our business networks. With critical business resources now largely outside of the onsite data center, and employees working from anywhere, Internet is critical, WANs are evolving and the business “edge” is now at the employee PC.

Applications are moving to the cloud and people are moving outside the branch. Employees and expertise are becoming more mobile. Retaining skilled employees to maintain and deploy increasingly complex network architecture demands transformative technology decisions and a strategic plan for your network transformation.

Bridgepointe: Your Cloud & Network Transformation Experts

Traditional networks are now being tasked with transitioning to supporting all edges (user, cloud, data center, branch) with a converged, network and security platform, that is easier to deploy and maintain. The traditional approach of siloed or service-chained integration with large capital expenditure (CapEx) and technology sprawl is under scrutiny.

This results in gaps in pervasive security and compliance as well as an inconsistent ability to visualize and administer the enterprise network in full context. Bridgepointe helps you assess common trends facing your Network Transformation to help guide current, planned, and future state, and set a course to evolve with trends with a flexible platform for transition.

Start your Network Transformation now with Bridgepointe.

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