Bridgepointe Technologies Names IT Strategist Cody McCormick as a Partner

Equity investment in McCormick’s firm to fuel client acquisition and cross-sell opportunities with existing clients

Bridgepointe Technologies (“Bridgepointe” or the “Company”), a leading IT strategy firm that helps mid-market and enterprise companies achieve optimal IT results without costly consulting agreements, today announced it has named IT Strategist Cody McCormick as a Partner.

McCormick, an IT Strategist with Bridgepointe since 2012, is the founder of Portland, Oregon based IT Partner Holdings. Under the terms of this deal, he has received an equity investment in his agency that will be used to fuel new client acquisition and cross-sell opportunities with existing clients.

           “Cody has been a key player in our growth over the last 10 years, so we’re fortunate to have him join Bridgepointe as a Partner,” said Scott Evars. Bridgepointe Co-Founder. “These investments are being backed up by world-class integration, along with a team and tools committed to each IT Strategist’s success. We’re not just buying companies; we’re working closely with our best and brightest to maximize our growth potential.”

This investment is the eighth since the start of the year following the $100 million dollar investment by Charlesbank in January. Bridgepointe is firmly committed to providing its existing IT Strategists with an opportunity to participate in the firm’s success as Partners.

           “Bridgepointe has consistently provided the IT strategy and support required for me to succeed, and this is the next evolution of that work together,” said Cody McCormick, Founder, IT Partner Holdings. “As a Partner, I’ll be able to continue to grow my client base while actively sharing in Bridgepointe’s success.”

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