Author: Chris Cannon

Communicating with your team was so much simpler when most people were working in the office. With the current state of hybrid work, nearly everyone works from various locations.   

Mobile technology has become the glue that keeps teams working together daily.   

As a result, your end users are more reliant on those devices than ever before. Your IT team needs to manage an ever-growing number of mobile devices while supporting end users, which is a drain on resources.   

That’s where mobility management comes in, as it offers a proven way to offload complex mobile technology management from your IT team.   

These services can include: 

Contract Review 

A mobile management provider can review all of your contracts and determine if you’re getting the best possible rates, terms and conditions from your mobile carrier.  

Optimization of Plans and Features

As the sheer number of devices grows, so do the number of plans and features your team is managing. A mobility management pro can look at all of your plans and features to help you streamline. They typically review pools and features and eliminate plans and features that aren’t being used.  

Carrier Negotiations

It can be a challenge to navigate negotiating contracts with your chosen carrier, especially when it’s something you’re only doing periodically. Having someone who works with carriers every single day negotiating on your behalf helps ensure you get the best possible deal.  

End-User Deployment

Managing new devices activations and upgrades can be complex and time consuming especially with remote work. Mobility management services can handle everything offering your end users a superior experience.  

Support and Trouble Shooting

When mobile is an essential part of how your team functions on a day-to-day basis, any hiccups can lead to lost productivity. Having an outsourced, expert team handling support and troubleshooting for issues on a daily basis can get your team back to work faster.  

While it’s clear how managed mobility services can help your organization with remote or hybrid work, there are two key benefits to consider when assessing if it’s the right choice for your organization.  


Cost Savings   

During the pandemic, spending on devices rose sharply as organizations needed to rapidly pivot to fully remote work. While Gartner indicates there will be a slight dip in overall device spending in 2023, organizations will continue to need to both refresh and manage this technology to support ongoing hybrid work.    

Managed mobility services help offset mobility costs by ensuring every dollar of your mobility technology budget goes further.   

For example, your mobility consultant, may negotiate with mobility providers on your behalf to secure the most cost-effective plans to meet your needs. Plus, they may review your entire mobile suite to ensure you’re not paying for duplicate services and features.   


Reduced Management and Support Time   

Managing mobility services often requires more time and resources than the typical IT department can provide. From managing vendors to ordering and connecting devices to managing complex invoices and renegotiating contracts, there is a lot of time required to manage your mobile tech.   

However, most IT teams are overwhelmed with projects and tasks and, therefore, can’t devote the time to managing mobile technology. Mobility managed services offer a way to free up your team’s precious time. 

Get More Out of Your Mobile Technology With Bridgepointe

Bridgepointe offers managed mobility services that help you power your remote teams with less effort and reduced costs.   

The Bridgepointe Mobility Management team provides industry-leading expertise to help you improve your end-user and customer experiences while reducing overall costs.   

Our mobility managed services include 24/7 end-user support through our interactive Portal and Mobility Support Center, so your employees can get the help they need no matter where they are in the world.   

Want to see how our Mobility Management team can help you get the most out of your mobility technology? Talk to an expert.