Be in Business for Yourself,
Not by Yourself  

Bridgepointe is seeking Enterprise Technology Consultants and Sales professionals who want the flexibility to work on their own terms while building their own business.

We provide every resource you need to succeed as an independent enterprise sales professional. With Bridgepointe, you get a proven model for success as you start your own business. From a trusted brand to sales and engineering support, we give you everything you need to find clients and close the deal. 
As a Bridgepointe Strategist, you earn on the life of the account and build your residual base.  
Plus, for qualified applicants, we provide the industry’s first end-to-end financial platform to assist new Strategists in getting started and eventually becoming a Partner in our firm.

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Why Become a Bridgepointe Strategist?

Bridgepointe has a 20-year track record of trust, along with a proven model that consistently drives value for everyone — especially Strategists — in our ecosystem.  
We are investing aggressively in growth, to triple in size in the next three years.  When you join Bridgepointe as a Strategist, you’ll directly benefit from our focus on widening our channel relationships, providing a deeper level of support for Strategists and aggressively expanding our geographic footprint.  
Best of all, as a Technology Advisory Firm we’re creating unique opportunities for Strategists that no other player in the market offers:

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Bridgepointe by the Numbers

Already in business for yourself?

Bridgepointe is looking to invest in growing agencies and strategists.

“Working with Bridgepointe is one of the best ways to really build wealth over time through residual income.”

-Brian Miller, Co-Founder

Sales Methodology & Tools

Harness the power of BPT’s proven sales methodology, along with industry leading support and tools to help you fill your funnel and close deals faster. 

Trusted Brand & Marketing

Building your own brand can be a challenge. Launch with Bridgepointe’s well-known, trusted brand, then leverage our marketing investments to generate opportunities and mindshare.  

Industry Relationships

We have established relationships with over 150+ of the world’s biggest tech providers. As a Strategist, you can leverage our deep relationships to get your foot in the door with more opportunities. 

Sales Engineering Support

You don’t have to know it all. We have the industry’s highest ratio of engineers to Strategists. You can count on our in-house sales engineering team for hands-on support with all of your sales efforts.

Startup Investment

We’re committed to your success as a new Strategist. For qualified applicants, we’ll support your new business with a startup investment to get things off the ground. 

Proven Path to Success

Follow in the footsteps of some of the most successful Strategists in the industry by discovering what works and what doesn’t. 


Real Strategists, Real Stories

How did you decide to start your own business?
What did you do before Bridgepointe?
Advice for IT Sales Professionals and Consultants
What are you excited about in the next 12-18 months?

As an enterprise sales professional, With Bridgepointe you can bet on yourself for the biggest return on your efforts. There is no cap on your potential income with Bridgepointe.

– David Barsocchini, Partner, Bridgepointe

Culture is at Our Core

What makes Bridgepointe different from our competitors? Our culture. It’s core to every decision we make, every client and partner we engage, and every hire. Experience a bit of the BPT culture with highlights from our annual Technology Summit in Ojai, California. 

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