You’ve already invested the time and hustle into building your own successful business as a tech strategist, and now you’re looking for your next opportunity. You know the market is evolving, and you need to evolve along with it.  

This is where Bridgepointe comes in. We’re investing in growing agencies to join our team.

Be in Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself

We’re taking growing agencies like yours and moving them from partner to Partner (with a capital P).

As a Bridgepointe Partner, you’ll have the benefits of running your own business, but the backing of the nation’s leading tech advisory firm.

A firm that’s on the cutting edge of what’s new, and what’s next.

We’re investing aggressively in your growth, to triple in size in the next three years, and every Partner gets early-stage equity alongside our founders.

What makes us different?


Maximize Your Revenue Potential  

The market is shifting rapidly, and your clients need a wide range of services that go beyond what’s offered by Master Agents and Technology Service Brokers.  

With Bridgepointe, you’ll have everything you need to capture more of your client’s tech spend with value-added services, including: CX consulting, business process outsourcing, technology expense management, mobility management, strategic sourcing and more.  

Plus, you’ll be supported by our world-class brand and team of nearly 200 consultants, engineers, project/account managers and analysts.  

Is This Right for You?  

We’re looking to make strategic investments in independent sellers with growing client bases, solid renewals and opportunity for cross sell. 

We’re interested in Partners who:

Have a minimum of $1 million in annual revenue/MRR.
Are an owner focused on the longer term.
Feel like Bridgepointe’s culture is aligned.

Could you be our newest Partner?