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Author: Scott Kinka


Hello and welcome to the bridge. I’m your host, Scott Kinka. Starting very soon, we’ll be releasing weekly episodes of our new podcast that is aimed at business and technology leaders.

Since March of 2020, so much has changed; how we work, how we live, the tools we use, the way we collaborate. The Bridge will be a series of discussions on how some of the top leaders in technology bridged their businesses, technology, roadmaps, and lives into their new hybrid work reality.

Our hope is that their insights and experiences will help you on your journey in business and in life from who we were to who we are today, and maybe it’ll help you get better prepared for whatever comes next.

The Bridge is a service of Bridgepointe Technologies, one of the nation’s leading IT advisory, procurement and life cycle management companies. Favorite us to be notified when our first episode drops on your favorite podcast platform.


Bridgepointe is a tech advisory firm that helps bridge the gap between tech investments and business goals. For two decades, we’ve helped mid-market and enterprise clients make quicker, more informed tech investments.

We’ll help you save time by shortening the procurement process while saving money and increasing ROI. We work with 150+ suppliers to simplify the process of planning and procuring the tech solutions you need to meet your tech and business needs.

As strategic tech advisors, we help you be a hero in the boardroom by accelerating the time to value with all of your tech investments. Our team of experts is here to help you with communications and collaboration, managed IT, WAN transformation, customer experience, data center and cloud, and security.


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