How to Modernize Your Hotel Phone System

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As a hotel or motel operator, you know guest experience is paramount. Whether your operation has 20 rooms or 200 rooms, your hotel phone system enables you to meet guest expectations with check-in/check-out, wakeup calls, room service and other requests.

Even while your guests aren’t necessarily using your phone system to place calls, it’s required to deliver a seamless guest experience and should be considered a critical part of your overall technology infrastructure. However, modernizing your legacy phone system requires a strategic plan to ensure you’ve got your bases covered.

That’s why we turned to our trusted partners at Ooma for some insight to help you understand the benefits of modernizing your motel or hotel phone system and what to expect as you embark on the transition.

Why Now is the Time to Modernize Your Motel or Hotel Phone System 

The reality is that your legacy phone system is unable to deliver the experience expected by your guests, and you’re likely overpaying with all the hidden costs that come with owning your own system.  

Moving to the cloud allows you to preserve the critical features you need to run them without the headaches of having the equipment on site and managing multiple vendors. Plus, with a modernized phone system, you can get E911 service to help keep you in compliance with Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’s Act. 

Phone technology has also advanced significantly in the past decade; using a VoIP-based system will enable you to upgrade an aging system with questionable call quality to a dependable system with excellent call quality. Plus, you can fully integrate your PMS, allowing for all of the benefits of a modern platform without giving up any of the guest room experience that your guests have come to expect.  

Having everything with one provider who can handle all your communications needs is also beneficial. You’ll have one point of contact to make changes or solve issues, and providers can handle everything from UCaaS and the internet to POTS replacement solutions and SIP trunking. 

Cost is always a critical factor when making technology decisions, so it’s worth noting that your initial setup cost may be higher at the outset, your monthly business phone service rates can be significantly reduced, creating savings over the long term. 

Cloud-based voice communications can immediately reduce phone bills, and you can capture additional cost savings by reusing phone handsets in guest rooms and throughout the property.  

You can expect to save up to 50% on monthly POTS bills by migrating emergency phones, alarms and building access systems to a wireless network. 

In the event that a complete phone system modernization isn’t in the budget, you can start the process of reducing spend on your current system by moving to SIP trunking and POTS replacement. With these cost savings you’ll be well positioned to eventually update the entire system.  

"The reality is that your legacy phone system is unable to deliver the experience expected by your guests, and you’re likely overpaying with all the hidden costs that come with owning your own system."

Enhancing guest experience with a modern telecommunications platform 

Switching to a customized motel or hotel phone system opens a new world of features that can benefit your guests, employees, and management team. What you should look for in a new hospitality focused phone system: 

Features to delight customers with rising expectations:  

  • Tailor messages by guest profiles: Welcome VIP guests and loyalty members with special messages and offers. 
  • Enable guest-centric wake-up call service. 
  • Give guests voicemail options. 
  • Automatically notify guests of amenities, events, and loyalty discounts on the communications channel of their choice. 
  • Proactively inform guests of checkout procedures: Make checkout contactless and offer easy-to-read detailed bills. 
  • Improve guest peace of mind: Should they need emergency services; they will find them quickly and easily via Enhanced 911 and that you comply with all new safety legislation. 
  • Set up key guest services, such as concierge desk, room service, front desk, and airport shuttle. 
  • Fast and reliable internet service. 

Features to delight and motivate overworked staff to provide excellent customer service:  

  • Staff technology, like mobile apps, helps your workforce be more productive and satisfied with their work. They can communicate more effectively and quickly when serving guests or collaborating to resolve day-to-day challenges. 
  • Empower staff, including housekeeping, to automate room statuses, schedule wake-up calls, reset message lights, apply minibar charges, and set additional guest-centric information such as class of service, do not disturb, phone name displays and more.  
  • Integrate with property management systems making it easy to create bills, personalize call and internet pricing. 
  • Easy to monitor, manage and customize the phone features. 

Features to delight management: 

  • Unlimited calling in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. 
  • 99.999% availability of the phone service. 
  • Backup internet options, like Ooma Connect, to keep your hotel running. 
  • One communication vendor to manage. 
  • Ability to create a safer environment by sending audio and text-based alerts to notify staff that an emergency call was made so staff can direct guests and emergency services. 
  • Seamless, hassle-free call center booking experience. 
  • Web-based reporting tools for insights on improvement opportunities for cost management, departmental usage, fraud detection, and auditing and reconciliation processes 


What Kind of Equipment Will You Need to Transition to VoIP? 

The equipment you need to modernize your motel or hotel phone system will depend on what you currently have and any new equipment you may want to add to the mix.  

Some key questions to explore:  

  • Do you need new phones? You may be able to keep your existing phones or upgrade to sleek phones that are easy to use/clean.  
  • Are you in contract for your current voice services? 
  • What kind of handsets will meet your needs? 
  • What key features will you need for your motel/hotel phones? 
  • Where do you need your phones? Reception desk phones, guest room phones, conference room telephones, etc.  
  • Do you need integration with your Property Management System? 

Get Support for Your Motel or Hotel Phone System Transition 

The decision to modernize your motel or hotel phone system is about keeping up with technology trends and meeting your guests’ evolving needs and expectations. Transitioning to a cloud-based Unified Communications platform offers numerous benefits, and by working with trusted partners specializing in hospitality solutions, you can seamlessly navigate this transition.  

Bridgepointe partners with the world’s leading suppliers to provide powerful and cost-effective communication options for your business.  

With over twenty years of experience, 150+ supplier relationships, and a long heritage with communication platforms, we’ll help you procure the UCaaS solution that best meets your business needs today and tomorrow. 

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