Author: Scott Kinka


In this podcast episode of The Bridge, I’m joined by Terry Barbounis, Director of Innovation and Strategy at Lumen. We’re talking about the importance of edge computing and the changing nature of work. 

Lumen is a multinational technology company that empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of their data, quickly adopt game-changing technologies that will revolutionize their business operations, and seamlessly deliver digital innovations that redefine our everyday lives.

During this episode, we discuss how edge computing is becoming increasingly important as businesses move critical apps to the cloud and people work remotely due to the pandemic. The traditional concept of office work has changed, and our culture has not caught up, leading to a measurement of productivity based on hours rather than output. 

We also delve into the world of AI and robotics process automation, along with a discussion about the pending regulatory government oversight and how close we are to the singularity or the moment when AI achieves self-awareness.

Topics covered in this episode on edge computing and more:

  • Terry’s journey working with Lumen.
  • The history and evolution of Lumen.
  • The importance of Edge computing with the focus on bringing interactions closer to or next to the data.
  • How the pandemic has shifted the focus to distributed applications and infrastructure networking enabling employees to work from anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • AI and the Metaverse
  • How companies’ approaches to the market have changed due to hybrid work.
  • The cultural challenges around measuring productivity based on outputs rather than inputs.

Links for this Episode: 
Lights, Data, Action
Terry on Linkedin 

As a Director of Innovation Strategy, Terry excels in identifying emerging technologies and their impact on business outcomes. His primary focus is discovering opportunities to develop innovative products and services that address modern organizational challenges. Collaborating with external analysts, internal teams, and industry leaders, Terry seeks to uncover untapped markets with the potential for significant impact.

With 30 years of experience in the IT sector, Terry has held prestigious roles, including CIO for Blue Aspen Capital, L.P., and CTO/Director, PMO for the Christian Science Publishing Society, managing global infrastructure and IT services operations.

Terry is a sought-after speaker at industry conferences and seminars, addressing topics such as hybrid IT, edge cloud computing, and the Future of Work. He also hosts the insightful podcast, Light, Data, Action!, where he speaks with industry experts and thought leaders to demystify the latest trends and technologies.