Author: Brian Miller

Leading Tech Advisory Firm Makes a Strategic Investment in Tabbert’s Agency

Bridgepointe Technologies (“Bridgepointe” or the “Company”), a tech advisory firm that provides mid-market and enterprise companies a better way to buy, manage and implement technology today announced it has named Drew Tabbert as a Partner.
Tabbert joined Bridgepointe as a Strategist in 2016 to build his own business with the support of the firm’s considerable resources. Prior to Bridgepointe, he held sales roles at Dell, EMC and ADP, and with this deal will receive a strategic investment to enable him to continue to grow his client base.

“We’re excited to be able to reward Drew for his ongoing commitment to his clients and Bridgepointe’s vision,” said Brian Miller, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Bridgepointe. 

Since early 2022 Bridgepointe has made nearly 50 strategic investments and continues to actively pursue opportunities with established enterprise sales professionals across the United States.  
“When I joined Bridgepointe, I knew it was the right move as I would be able to build my own business, but not be completely on my own,” said Drew Tabbert, Partner, Bridgepointe. “As a Partner, I’ll be able to build on my existing foundation to better support my clients as technology continues to evolve with the support of our world-class engineering team and executive leadership.”  

“Being able to help Strategists like Drew reach their personal goals were a driving factor for our growth in recent years. We’re offering the better way to grow an agency in this market and are actively looking for other established agencies to join us in the coming months.”

About Bridgepointe Technologies

Bridgepointe Technologies is a leading tech advisory firm that provides mid-market and enterprise companies with the better way to buy, manage and implement technology. Founded in 2002, the firm has helped over 12,000 companies discover the difference our deep experience and proven process makes. The firm offers a full range of strategic solutions and services, including Lifecycle Management and Customer Experience. For more information about Bridgepointe, please visit