Why Tech Leaders Are Taking a Hard Look at Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Author: Scott Kinka


Since the start of the pandemic and as we’re returning to work in some form or fashion, we’ve had many of our customers asking us to help them simplify their desktop or endpoint management strategies. In many of those conversations, we find ourselves talking about virtual desktop or desktop as a service (DaaS).

Here are just a few of the reasons that DaaS has become such a hot topic for technology leaders.

#1. Remote Work/Hybrid Work is Here to Stay First, remote work or pandemic induced remote work.

People are not in the office. PCs are unable to be touched by IT. With VDI or DaaS, you’re not really fixing anything for the end user. If something goes wrong on the desktop, you can quickly blow it away and immediately log into a new image. Need to install new software? Add it to the image and have the user log back in there’s zero touch. We may be coming back to work in some kind of hybrid fashion, but we’re definitely not coming all the way back.

#2. Simplified Security Look, desktop management is the one job every IT department dreads.

It’s easy to paper over bad desktop management and patching policies when PCs sit behind the office security perimeter. However, when they’re home on personal networks, the problem is increased significantly. DaaS enables complete control over the desktop image and it allows it to operate independent of the local machine that may not be under the control of IT. And since the solution in centrally managed, it’s easier to add additional security features like multifactor authentication or application security solutions.

#3. Cloud Native: No Need for Local OS Third, it’s cloud native.

Listen, businesses are becoming intrinsically more cloud native. That means less and less thick applications. Fewer client-server applications on the desktop. IT is finding itself deploying desktops to support one legacy application, in some cases. Maybe it’s the ERP system. Maybe it’s the contact center solution. As work environments are getting thinner, there’s just no need to have a locally installed operating system on a piece of hardware in the field that IT can’t manage. Assuming, that is, that they can actually get their hands on new PCs, which brings us to number four

#4. BYOD Device Solves Supply Chain Issues

The chip shortage isn’t going anywhere. We are asked constantly, how can I reduce my reliance on PCs? And we say, let people bring their own! Besides, most of your younger workers will want to use their own college MacBook for work or work on an iPad. DaaS enables you to deliver that full professional Windows app experience to any device, any OS, anytime. Those are just a few of the reasons why technology leaders are looking into DaaS solutions.

Desktop as a Service: Is It Right For Your Business

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