Bridgepointe Technologies Names IT Strategist Dan Fishman as a Partner

Equity investment in Fishman’s firm to drive future growth and expansion in the Northeast.

Bridgepointe Technologies today announced it has named IT Strategist Dan Fishman as a Partner. 
Based in New Jersey, Fishman has a proven track record of providing unbiased tech advisory services to his clients. He has a long-standing relationship with Dom Callandriello and played a critical role in the success of Clover Communications which was acquired by Bridgepointe in late 2020. Fishman will be using this investment to expand his client base and drive future growth.  
“Dan is truly one of the most committed and caring Strategists in the industry,” said Dom Callandriello, Managing Partner, East, Bridgepointe Technologies. “Having the opportunity to reward his ongoing success and extend our relationship is a win for everyone. This is a testament to how we’re building Bridgepointe differently by investing in our Strategists’ success.” 
The investment in Fishman is one of a series of more than 15 investments made in Bridgepointe Strategists since the start of 2022. The Company is deeply committed to providing its existing IT Strategists with an opportunity to participate in the firm’s success as Partners.  
“I’ve known Scott and Brian for 15 years, and their focus on client experience has always been clear,” said Dan Fishman, Partner, Bridgepointe. “I’m pleased to be joining as a Partner, especially as I always have confidence that the back-office team and Sales Engineers will deliver. The team is truly the best in the business and can quickly identify what exactly the client needs.”  
Fishman is also the co-founder of Stomp the Monster, a foundation that provides financial assistance to cancer patients living in the New Jersey and New York City area. 
About Bridgepointe Technologies
Bridgepointe Technologies is a leading tech advisory firm that helps mid-market and enterprise companies bridge the gap between tech investments and business results. Over the past 20 years, Bridgepointe has worked with over 12,000 companies to save time by shortening the procurement process while saving money and increasing ROI. Supported by in-house, best-in-class Solution Architects and IT Strategists, the firm has developed a proven process to quickly drive time to value with tech investments. For more information about Bridgepointe please visit 

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