Create brand loyalty by providing a personalized customer and agent experience with every interaction. Today’s customers want a seamless customer journey across all communication channels, starting with their communication channel of choice. That’s where a customer experience platform comes in.

CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) empowers customers and agents to engage in effortless conversations across voice, email, chat, text and social media.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency by leveraging the Power of AI (Artificial Intelligence).  Your next generation Contact Center can handle 75%-90% of queries without agent interaction,  provide real-time guidance to agents shorten call handle times, and deliver interaction analytics back to business leaders which uncover insights to drive improvements in customer satisfaction.

Redefine your CX Strategy with Bridgepointe

Bridgepointe partners with the world’s leading CCaaS Suppliers to provide a thorough market analysis of the most powerful and cost-effective next-generation Contact Center platforms for your business.

Whether you are doing a complete migration from a legacy premise-based Cisco, Avaya, or I3 platform to the cloud, or trying to augment your existing Contact Center Platform with Workforce Management, Quality Assurance, AI, or Automation, our CX Solution Architects have the expertise to help you transform your customer and agent experience.

We’ve helped hundreds of enterprises make the transition to CCaaS and CX platforms by focusing on the people, the processes and the technology which create the greatest operational efficiencies and most valued business outcomes.

Our CX experts will help you determine the right solution while ensuring you’re meeting today’s business goals and tomorrow’s transformations to stay ahead of the curve of change.

Our CX Solution Architects use our proven Time to Value Model to help you navigate every step of the process including:

  • Audit and assessment of current capabilities.
  • Development of CCaaS needs analysis.
  • Coordination of supplier meetings and tailored demonstrations.
  • Side-by-side supplier score carding.
  • Price benchmarking and negotiation.
  • Implementation and transition.

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Take the Guesswork Out of CX

Choosing the right platforms for your company can be difficult without in-depth knowledge of what each solution can provide for you.

Bridgepointe is here to help you drive value from your CCaaS and CX investments by guiding you towards the most powerful and cost-efficient solution for your business

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