Customer Engagement Outsourcing Solutions: What to Consider for 2024

It’s no secret that customer engagement makes a significant difference in your bottom line, with fully engaged customers spending an estimated 23% more than the average customer. Using customer engagement outsourcing solutions offers a proven way to maximize both CX, driving both loyalty and customer spending.  

An estimated 91% of consumers are more likely to make additional purchases after a positive experience, making the potential ROI of customer engagement solutions clear. However, it can be challenging to determine how best to leverage your team and resources for maximum impact.  

Here are two ways to leverage outsourcing to improve your CX in the coming year.  

Boost CX with Business Process Outsourcing

Many industries are currently experiencing a shortage of skilled employees, which has impacted CX. Your current in-house team may not have the skills and experience needed to deliver on your CX strategy. Or you may require additional coverage to provide the staffing levels needed to deliver outstanding customer service at every touchpoint.  

Business process outsourcing (BPO) offers a way to augment your team and improve CX. While BPO sometimes gets a bad rap, there are many ways to successfully outsource to help meet your company goals for customer experience and other KPIs.  

For example, the right BPO can help improve customer experience with:  

  • Global coverage 24/7 allows your customers to access support around the clock. 
  • Multilingual support enables you to serve more customers in their preferred language.  
  • Scalability and flexible staffing mean you can pivot based on workloads and more effectively serve customers at peak times. 
  • Improved overall efficiency and the speed at which customer issues get resolved can go a long way to creating a positive CSAT rating.  
  • Specialized support for many industries can improve the overall quality of support your customers receive. 
  • Quality assurance standards at BPOs are generally very stringent, ensuring customer interactions meet an agreed-upon standard. 
  • Enhanced CSAT surveys can be part of your BPO agreement, meaning you get more data and insight on the customer journey that can be actioned.  
  • Advanced tools and technology, from Chatbots to CRM software, can be leveraged to streamline the customer journey further and improve interactions.  

To further explore how BPOs can support you with customer engagement outsourcing solutions and how to vet potential providers, check out these questions 

What About Artificial Intelligence?

When considering customer engagement outsourcing solutions, artificial intelligence (AI) can help you enhance personalization, efficiency, and overall customer engagement/satisfaction.  

While some companies choose to go the BPO route, as many BPOs will already have AI tech integrated into their services, there’s also the option to find AI solutions you can implement to “outsource” repetitive tasks.  

Your customers want to be served in a way that suits them and their needs, but that doesn’t automatically require having person-to-person interaction. This is why AI tech can be so helpful to meet their needs — without requiring additional staffing. 

Here are several ways to leverage AI as a customer engagement outsourcing solution:   

  • Predictive Analytics: Use AI to analyze historical data to predict your customers’ wants and needs. This can be used for targeted offers, upselling, and other ways to engage with your customers proactively.  
  • Sentiment Analysis: Create an opportunity for proactively identifying issues and areas where improvement is needed to increase customer engagement. 
  • Virtual Assistants and Chatbots: Help reduce response time as customers can use these for routine inquiries, troubleshooting, or FAQs — leaving live agents available to handle the more complex issues. 
  • Automated feedback or surveys: With AI, you can gain invaluable insights into what kind of experience a customer has with your company, which will allow you to make data-driven decisions.  
  • Workflow automation: Improve efficiency in processes directly impacting customer engagement — billing, order processing, appointment scheduling, and more.  
  • Self-service portals: Driven by AI, they give customers instant access to helpful information, allowing them to self-serve conveniently. 

Get Support for Customer Engagement Outsourcing Solutions in 2024 

By using customer engagement solutions, your business will be well positioned to deliver CX results. Whether you choose BPO, AI, or something else entirely it’s critical that you ensure any outsourcing is fully aligned with your CX strategy.  
BridgepointeCX can help you align your outsourcing plans with your overall CX strategy and technology requirements. With over 2500 successful CX projects for some of the world’s biggest brands, our deep industry experience will enable you to deliver best-in-class CX.  



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