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Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware has shaken the tech industry to its core and has significant implications for companies’ essential infrastructure worldwide. A major factor in this shake-up has been the

Broadcom’s purchase of VMware has caused major ripples in the tech industry. Many companies are worried about the cost implications of VMware licenses and the long-term impact on their infrastructure. On this episode of The Bridge, I’m joined by AJ Kuftic, Product Manager at Expedient. We’re talking about the future of VMware and so much more. Expedient is a

With an estimated 71% of organizations expecting an increase in their cloud spend, cloud expense management is more critical than ever. While cloud budget growth saw a drastic increase during On this episode of The Bridge, I’m joined by Brian Thomas, Senior Manager, Segment Marketing at Equinix. We’re talking about hybrid cloud growth, repatriation and so much more. Equinix

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