Data center trends

3 Data Center Trends to Watch for in 2023

Data center technology was hot in 2022, but it wasn’t without its challenges. Looking ahead to the coming year, you may be wondering what data center trends to watch for so you can plan accordingly. In 2022, we saw a number of factors at play that will shape what to expect for the coming year. …

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Content delivery network solutions

Content Delivery Network Solutions: Adopting a Multi-CDN Strategy

Running a website that serves users across the globe means load times can be the difference between successfully satisfying your users or falling far short of their expectations, ultimately affecting your reputation and bottom line. Content Delivery Network (CDN) solutions provide fast delivery of content through a geographically distributed set of servers to give your …

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Digital Transformation Framework: A Practical Guide to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

It’s an exciting time to be a tech leader, but does your team have a digital transformation framework that will keep up with this next industrial revolution?    The reality is that we’re on the brink of another burst of technological advancement — another industrial revolution. This 4th industrial revolution — otherwise known as digital transformation …

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