Contact center AI

Contact Center AI: Hype or Hope?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) tools are some of the most requested tech by contact centers, but what are the actual use cases of these technologies? Is contact center AI a trend that’s here to stay, and are companies really ready to deploy it?   Our 2022 Tech Summit Panel, “AI, Machine Learning, …

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Blog Tech Summit Recap

Official Recap: BPT Tech Summit 2022

  Our annual Tech Summit is one of the highlights of every single year for both our corporate team and our Strategists. Tech Summit 2022, held at the Ojai Valley Inn in stunning Ojai, California, was no exception.    This year’s Summit was our biggest one yet, with over 200 attendees including the BPT team, Strategists and our …

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Content delivery network solutions

Content Delivery Network Solutions: Adopting a Multi-CDN Strategy

Running a website that serves users across the globe means load times can be the difference between successfully satisfying your users or falling far short of their expectations, ultimately affecting your reputation and bottom line. Content Delivery Network (CDN) solutions provide fast delivery of content through a geographically distributed set of servers to give your …

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