Delivering an outstanding CX is good for business. Here’s a comprehensive list of questions when vetting a customer service BPO.

50 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Customer Service BPO

Over the last year, constantly evolving technology and an ongoing staffing shortage have made delivering a top-notch customer experience challenging. To meet those challenges head-on, companies increasingly turn to customer service business process outsourcing (BPO). With an estimated 89% of customers more likely to make another purchase after having a positive customer service experience, delivering …

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The future of AI in customer service is here. Is your business ready? Check out the latest trends and critical questions to ask potential vendors before you buy.

Why AI is the Future of CX

A positive customer experience (CX) is deemed essential by approximately 80% of American consumers, who value speed, convenience, knowledgeable assistance, and friendly service. With advancements in AI technology, the future of AI in customer service is unfolding before our eyes, providing every company with the chance to enhance their CX swiftly. While there have been …

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An engaged customer base is critical to your success. Here’s how to leverage customer engagement outsourcing solutions in 2024.

Customer Engagement Outsourcing Solutions: What to Consider for 2024

It’s no secret that customer engagement makes a significant difference in your bottom line, with fully engaged customers spending an estimated 23% more than the average customer. Using customer engagement outsourcing solutions offers a proven way to maximize both CX, driving both loyalty and customer spending. An estimated 91% of consumers are more likely to …

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Remote and hybrid work are here to stay. Here are four hybrid work best practices to consider implementing in 2024.

Four Hybrid Workforce Best Practices to Implement in 2024

When the COVID-19 pandemic flipped the world on its head four years ago, many organizations scrambled to adapt. They weren’t prepared for a quick transition to remote work, nor had hybrid workforce best practices laid out and ready to go.   Fortunately, thanks to technology and support from companies like our partner Zoom, organizations quickly pivoted …

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A new year means new ways for cybercriminals to attack. Here’s what you need to watch for with your cyber security threat management in 2024.

Cyber Security Threat Management: What to Watch For in 2024

Cyber security threat management remains a top priority for organizations, and as digital technologies evolve at warp speed, cyberattacks become more sophisticated.   To help you take a holistic look at what’s happening with cyber security threat management and understand what should be on your radar for 2024, we’re sharing some of the 2023 Comcast Business …

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