Simon also receives an equity investment to leverage new opportunities resulting from hybrid work, digital transformation

Bridgepointe Technologies (“Bridgepointe” or the “Company”), a leading tech strategy firm that helps mid-market and enterprise companies achieve optimal IT results without costly consulting agreements, today announced it has made an equity investment in Bob’s Telecom.

Simon who has been with Bridgepointe since 2016, will use this investment to grow his client base and leverage new opportunities in the market resulting from hybrid work and digital transformation. With the deal, Simon also joins the firm as a Partner.

Bobby is a seasoned sales professional who personifies the qualities that make for a successful IT Strategist,” said Brian Miller, Bridgepointe Co-Founder. “We are pleased to be able to reward him for his contributions to Bridgepointe both now, and in coming years, as we maximize the growth potential as a tech advisory firm. We’re deeply committed to recruiting, nurturing and rewarding tech sales professionals as we scale.”

Bridgepointe’s unique programs are designed to help the nation’s top technologists to start their business, grow with the support of Bridgepointe resources and ultimately join the firm as a Partner. The Company has named numerous Partners to the firm during 2022, making a series of strategic equity investments to extend its foothold as the nation’s leading tech advisory firm.

Bridgepointe clearly sets the bar for support and service offerings for its Strategists,” shared Bobby Simon. “Allowing Bob’s Telecom into the firm as a Partner shows how committed they are to our success. I’m thrilled to play an active role in the future of the company and to be counted among some of the nation’s best technology strategists.

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Kat Smith