Bridgepointe Technologies Makes Equity Investment, Names Rick Kerzic Partner

Author: Brian Miller

Investment in Kerzic’s firm designed to expand his client base with UCaaS, CCaaS and Cloud opportunities

Bridgepointe Technologies (“Bridgepointe” or the “Company”), a leading IT strategy firm that helps mid-market and enterprise companies achieve optimal IT results without costly consulting agreements, today announced it has named Rick Kerzic as a Partner.

Kerzic, who is based in Redwood City and joined Bridgepointe in 2018, has also received an investment designed to help further expand his business to enterprise clients focused on Network, Data Center, Cloud, UCaaS, CCaaS, Security and more. Based in Redwood City, California he has consistently been one of Bridgepointe’s highest performers.

Rick has been an incredible asset to Bridgepointe since day one,” said Scott Evars, Bridgepointe Co-Founder. “We’re thrilled to be rewarding him for his contributions by making Rick a Partner. Our vision for growth is focused on ensuring the best possible outcomes for our Strategists. We’re not acquiring firms but instead investing in our mutual success.

The investment in Kerzic’s firm is the 10th investment of this type since January 2022 when the company received a $100 million dollar investment from Charlesbank Partners.

 Being a part of Bridgepointe’s growth has been one of the highlights of my career,” explained Rick Kerzic. “As a Partner, I’m happy to be building on our existing relationship and making an even greater contribution to the firm’s success. Bridgepointe’s immediate focus on building out its team and tools to support Strategists is going to mean better financial outcomes for everyone involved.”

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