Benefits of UCaaS: What You Need to Know About Making the Switch

Everyone and everything is moving to the cloud, so if you’re still using legacy on-premise systems, you’re getting left behind. In today’s globally connected marketplace and always-on workplace culture where collaboration is critical, unified communications is no longer a nice to have. The benefits of UCaaS are game changers for many companies, which is why you should consider making the switch in 2022.

Your employees and customers are using email, text messages, instant messages, video conferencing and the like daily. They have come to expect and depend on having the ability to communicate in many ways at any moment. But with so many disparate platforms and means of connecting, communication can become clunky and fragmented. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) streamlines communication and integrates platforms using cloud-based software applications.

The Unified Communications as a Service market has been growing rapidly since 2014. The global UCaaS market is projected to reach 36.45 million by 2026, with a CAGR of 10.5% as more and more companies adopt cloud-based solutions. This market growth is clear evidence that UCaaS is here to stay. While it’s tempting to immediately jump on the bandwagon to take advantage of the benefits of UCaaS, it’s important to first fully understand why you’d make the move.

Benefit #1: Stop Maintaining Outdated Legacy Telecom Systems

Typically, business leaders have a lot of complaints about their legacy telecom systems (or maintenance contracts) including that they’re expensive to keep up.

Running outdated legacy systems involves more than just the equipment. Maintaining a legacy telecom system requires paying highly skilled specialized IT staff with the knowledge required to deploy and operate the technology. Whether you employ them in-house or outsource support, the level of expertise needed comes at a hefty recurring cost.

The cycle of obsolescence is speeding up, both with hardware and software, and moving to UCaaS will help eliminate these costs in the long run. While there will be an initial capital outlay required to switch to UCaaS you’ll be able to save on both equipment costs and staffing. The total cost of ownership for cloud-based technology is typically far lower than for on-premise systems and there’s a dramatic difference in what your team will have to manage. It’s the swing factor between having your communications platform serve as a profit center vs. a cost center.

The technology you use to communicate can work for you or against you. Legacy systems slow down communication and amplify the distance between your dispersed teams. The “new normal” of enterprise communications is omnichannel. Multiple real-time channels are integrated for effortless connection both internally and externally, resulting in an enhanced experience for everyone.

Benefit #2: Stay Ahead of the Pace of Change 

UCaaS options provide ongoing updates so you don’t fall behind or get bogged down in trying to stay on top of the latest technology. You can benefit from advanced features using real-time communications while leveraging data and analytics to your advantage.  Plus, you’ll have extensibility via restful APIs to a community of adjacent applications such as Salesforce, Zendesk and Service Now, that seamlessly integrate the experience.

UCaaS streamlines your enterprise systems for better, faster and more efficient communications — from phone systems and email to popular apps such as Zoom and Slack. In other words, you’ll get future-proof technology that integrates an ever-evolving landscape of enterprise communications channels.

Making the move to UCaaS has become necessary to remain competitive. With approximately 29% of companies already utilizing UCaaS, and with rapid growth rates on the horizon, companies that hesitate – whether it’s due to the fear of the unknown or other factors – and continue to run on outdated technology will quickly lose their edge.

The competitive edge UCaaS provides extends as far as your company’s ability to attract and retain talent. A 2020 report from Buffer found that 98% of workers want to be able to work remotely at least some of the time. The future of work is flexible and in order to stay competitive, you need to be able to provide the ability to work from home. For that to be possible, UCaaS is necessary to ensure functionality such as video conferencing, collaboration and secure access to key systems like your CRM.

Benefit #3: You Can’t Afford Not to Switch to UCaaS 

UCaaS isn’t only the future of communications; it’s a smart move to make right now. But even though the writing is on the wall, overhauling your systems is never a move to make lightly.

Money talks, and when it comes to upgrading telecom systems much of the discussion is centered on sunk costs. When you’ve already invested in equipment, software and training for your legacy system, shelling out more resources for a whole new system can feel like a major financial commitment.

If you believe rolling out UCaaS is going to be costly and take more time and resources than you currently have available, you’re naturally going to be budget wary.

The truth is that your legacy telecom system is going to become a dinosaur before you know it, so the sooner you switch to UCaaS, the better. It’s better to make the change when it’s in your control, versus when legacy systems are breaking and forcing your hand.

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to scrap your current system entirely. When moving to UCaaS, you can take a hybrid approach and migrate in phases. This means you can focus on upgrading your most critical business communication needs first and add on or adapt as you go.

Based on our years of experience working on countless UCaaS deployments for our customers, we’ve seen that upgrading your communication systems has a positive ROI. For one of our clients, a global clothing manufacturer and retail chain, the move to UCaaS resulted in savings of $2 million per year by eliminating existing phone equipment and related expenses.

Reaping the Benefits of UCaaS Can Be Simpler Than You Think 

By beginning the process of migrating to UCaaS now, rather than down the line, you’ll start seeing a boost in efficiency, customer satisfaction, employee happiness and overall improvements that help you save money and make more money over time.

Many companies sell one-size-fits-all packages, but you’re more likely to be satisfied if you opt for a customized solution and avoid being pressured to adopt technology you don’t need. The goal should be to get the full benefits of UCaaS based on your specific situation and the organization’s needs.

Start by doing your homework and consider working with Bridgepointe. We can help identify your specific challenges and deliver matching solutions designed for optimal results. With our Time to Value Model, we’ll help you identify the right supplier, at the right price so you get the best UCaaS solution possible.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks we’ve seen with UCaaS is a lack of support after the sale is completed. With Bridgepointe as your trusted IT Strategist, we’ll be there every step of the way through implementation, rollout training and Day 2 support for your new UCaaS platform.

Contact us to talk about how your company can make a smart and cost-efficient move and start repeating the benefits of UCaaS.

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