DeepMap, based in Palo Alto, CA, is solving the HD mapping, localization and big data management challenge for autonomous vehicles. The success of the startup has led to them being courted by both automotive leaders and tech giants with an estimated valuation of $9.4 billion by 2025.

DeepMap was experiencing issues in their Ghangzhou and Beijing Offices as their engineers were accessing AWS in Singapore. Internet connectivity was restrictive and unreliable for the workers to perform their daily tasks. Additionally, a large amount of data was collected and stored in their Palo Alto data warehouse that needed to transfer to AWS West 1. The size of the data transfer required a low latency private 10G Direct Connect from a location with limited facilities.

AWS Connectivity: Bridgepointe Helps with Latency Issues, Identifies Carriers

Bridgepointe was introduced by the AWS Account Manager to help DeepMap explore different technologies and designs to connect all offices and the data center to AWS. The goal was to address latency problems and identify carriers that could Direct Connect the offices in China for the engineering applications as well as build facilities to the Palo Alto warehouse for the large data transfer requirements.

We engaged our partners with licensing to operate in China and assessed the different technologies available for connectivity. Given the limitations of local resources in the region and the challenges with installing facilities in a timely manner at offices in China, Bridgepointe quickly determined that a proof of concept with Cato Networks was the right first step.

A New Solution Deployed in Days

Cato Cloud is a leader in the market converging SD-WAN, a global private backbone, a full network security stack and seamless support for cloud resources and mobile devices. For DeepMap’s needs, Cato was the ideal fit as they were able to deploy their solution in a matter of days over existing internet services.

In addition, the Cato solution included a full security stack, WAN optimization and addressed the need of remote workers. For the Palo Alto warehouse, Bridgepointe leveraged AT&T fiber assets to extend a low latency 10G Direct Connect to AWS West 1 on-ramp. This connection would also be backed by an alternate Internet carrier for diverse VPN to AWS.

Consistent Data Transfer and Global Deployment

DeepMap has since enlisted Cato to deploy their SD-WAN connections into all sites and AWS regions for a fully meshed WAN providing optimal performance globally.

Meanwhile, the data warehouse has consistent data transfer to its AWS stack in NorCal. The next phase of the engagement is to relocate the existing data center to an AWS on-ramp facility for lower latency. This relocation will increase the consumption of AWS in NorCal and diversify the access points for a more resilient overall WAN architecture.

Kat Smith