You have made a tough decision, one that few really have the guts to make—you are an entrepreneur. Your dream can become real, because many of your Bridgepointe peers started right where you are now, and embarked on what just might be the biggest hustle and toughest year of your life. Year one is all about stepping outside your comfort zone, getting in front of customers, networking and building relationships, shaping and building your personal brand, and mastering your sales pitch.

Months 1-4

Working half your waking day (12 hours) might not be enough. You’ll need to really push yourself, test your mettle and get out in front of people to find opportunities. These first months you’re focused on setting appointments and meeting potential networking partners.

Months 5-12

Your sales funnel starts to take shape by around month five, and you start closing deals by Q4. While your income might be lower than expected, you are motivated by your BPT support team and agent peers that you’re building a foundation and network that will pay dividends for years to come.



By the start of year two, you’re gaining momentum and the hustle turns into an all out sprint. Last year’s orders are installing and your sales funnel continues to expand with new projects from existing customers and emerging opportunities with new logos. Success and value multiply and your network refer more opportunities.

By Q3 you’re starting to make good money and your bookings log is getting stronger — in short, residual payments are eminent as products and services install and customers pay. Along the way you’ve sold solutions that also include one-time financial spiffs that provide additional financial support as your residual commissions keep growing.



If you make it to year three, you are what we call a “made IT Strategist.” The first 24 months felt like Navy Seal Hell Week, but you are now a successful entrepreneur. Most people simply won’t make the sacrifices and push through the hard times in the first two years, but now you can see the light. Every quarter your income continues to rise at nearly a double digit pace, and based on your network of customers and referral partners, opportunities stream in consistently. You are now able to broaden customer opportunities, because you have a well-documented database that alerts you to when new projects are in the que. You are now on the way to earning more money than you ever have in your lifetime.



By year 4 everything just keeps getting better. But now is not the time to rest. The hustle never ends, because you see unlimited personal potential through helping customers solve the most challenging tech problems. Your network begins to turn to you as a leader in the field for insights into the hottest new solutions and to ensure they make the right decisions. Your funnel is larger than you could ever imagine, and you feel empowered and confident as you are able to provide true value everyday. You are a rising star at Bridgepointe and begin to help and mentor new agents as they begin their journey right where you started.

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